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Now this is not just a weight loss story but a wellness story as well. It is my wifes story.

About 5 months ago my wife had a stroke, she woke up in the early hours of the morning[ about 3:30am] and thought she must of laid in bed funny as she was having problems moving her right arm and leg. But she was her usual stubborn self and proceeded to do some housework as she could'nt sleep, then around 5am she got ready and went to work

Now your probally saying to yourselves that she could'nt have been that bad, well you don't know my wife. The others that she works with [woolworths bakery dept] kept looking at her sideways and thought she had come to work half drunk as her speech was slurred and she had trouble carrying things. It wasn't until her daughter came to pick her up that any of us had a clue that something was wrong.

I received a phone call on my mobile mid afternoon, it was my stepdaughter saying that my wife had had a stroke and that the doctors said for her to get to the hospital ASAP. My wife refused to go by ambulance. So naturally it was about 5pm before we got her to the hospitals emergency dept.

Needless to say this but my wife is the worlds worst patient, but in the end she had to bow to the inevitable and be admitted. She was in there for 4 days and her recovery took another 4 months. At the start it was hard for her as she has a very active personality, so there were bouts of depression and anger, but we worked through them and came out the other side better off.

The main focus of this article is what happened during her recovery period, she has a very dertermined attitude to life so she focused on getting better and recovered most of her movement within a few months. But the main problem was her blood pressure and diabetes, because she wasn't getting enough exercise she was putting on a bit more weight and her diabetes was getting out of control, also her blood pressure was not coming down.

She was taking so many pills she was starting to rattle, she was on the maximum dosage for both her blood pressure and diabetes, she was 1 step from going onto insulin. We were starting to get worried especially about her blood pressure.

Then we started looking around for something to help us with these problems as conventioal medicine wasn't coping with our problem.

And we finally found it, the solution to our problem

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